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Experience a night full of art and gastronomy at the FamTàSTic event: discover and experience non-mainstream cultures and enjoy an ideal Thursday evening.

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For the group activity: The payment of €11 is to confirm your booking. Please note that you will have to pay €55 per person in cash to the tour guide.
For the private activity: The payment of €24 is to confirm your booking. Please note that you will have to pay €120 in cash to the tour guide. The private activity is available every day of the week upon reservation.


Every Thursday

Minimum number of persons



All ages



Experience a unique event: FamTàSTic

FamTàSTic is a festival to approach the arts in a different way: for the public to be surprised, discover, experience and enjoy non-mainstream cultural expressions, such as short films, performances and contemporary art in general.

Artistic expressions that separately would perhaps not attract the attention of a large part of the population, but which together and in a context such as FamTàSTic acquire a different, more accessible meaning, helping to overcome certain clichés such as"this is not for me".

Each night is dedicated to a theme (Korea, Eros, Macaronesia, summer and humour) and on these themes there are short films, other arts and gastronomic tastings selected and made expressly by chefs and other artists with speech and heart. It's about participating in culture, telling stories, experiencing them, enjoying them.

We love Korea

If you liked Parasites and were left wanting more of The Squid Game, or were simply amazed by the metal chopsticks the last time you ate at a Korean, this is your night.

We kick off the first edition of FamTàSTic. Nights of Gastronomic Arts with a selection of short films brought directly from Seoul by the Seoul Metro International subway Film Festival (SMIFF).

The Canarian chef of Korean origin Teresa Moon, after an international tour that has taken her - among other places - to lead the kitchens of London, Hong Kong and Macao, brings us some representative tastings of Korean cuisine: 5 colours, 5 ingredients, gastronomy as the basis of health.

The Korean artist duo Leesarang will perform music with traditional instruments such as the janggu clock drum.

The first night of FamTàSTic will be closed by the selector Manel El Especialista, with his music that makes us soar until we explode.Didn't you want something different?

Sexy Love

Who said that sex moves the world? Well, you don't need to move, we'll bring it to you.

It is a privilege for FamTàSTic to have the collaboration of LABOE, the Madrid sex-themed festival, who have selected some real delicacies in the form of short films.

Like bocattos di cardinale are the sensory-energetic creations of Shaila Chulani, who combines tradition and local product with Indian cuisine like no other.

We will also count on the erotic poetry of the Cuban Shatila V. Abi-Rashed, whose staging is poetry in itself.

We'll continue with Eva Olvido & Jess DLiss, from the 7HTP Collective, two of the selectoras on the crest of the wave. The rest (tonight you'll have to finish it by dawn) will be up to you, two, three or... who cares?


First underwater volcanoes almost touching the sky, then fortunate (makárōn nēsoi) as the Greeks called them, today known as Macaronesia (Cape Verde, Canary Islands, Madeira and Azores).

Besides a tectonic plate and volcanoes, what unites us? For the moment from La Palma El Festivalito, a festival that projects itself beyond the stars, unites us with a showcase of creations from here in short format that can only be classified as "super".

Chef Aday Martín tells us that he learned to cook from the best teacher anyone could have, his grandmother. And we tell him: we want to try what you do.

We will continue with the rapped reggae of LowIsland Refugees, who will delight us with songs from their eagerly awaited first LP, entitled Macaro Amnesia. 

Juana La Cubana will close the night with a subtropical march that brings two continents together: Canary Islands and Cuba.


Beach, sunshine, 'garimbitas', ice cream, red wine, love of..., a midsummer's night... So many things and so many good things that summer evokes! What a good vibe , isn't it? This is the attitude we want for the first summer night of FamTàSTic.

We start as usual with music, the one selected exclusively for us by DJ Courtney & Monterreina, uniting La Palma and Tenerife with sound.

We will also have short films to refresh us, get our hopes up, enlighten us, toast us. Just as refreshing is the proposal of the multifaceted Eros Granja, aka #Rebeldegastronomico.

And from Berlin, capital of Paris, we are visited by Playtronica, with their amazing music made of objects. On the night of Midsummer's Eve, everyone breaks bread, the saying goes. We share the best we have with you.

To laugh-out-loud laugh

Tonight we want to say goodbye to you with a smile. To whet your appetite, we offer you a selection of short films with humour (heavy, irreverent, black...) or simply funny... And so we'll be preparing our bellies for the delights brought to us by the multifaceted Bárbara González Gil, who, through research and the recovery of the Canary Islands, wants to make happy stomachs, happy hearts a reality.

You will also enjoy the performance of the contemporary parrandero par excellence, the great Fran Baraja and his sensational accompanists.

We end the night (or we'll start it, depending on who it's for) with the musical good vibes that only Mascareño knows how to create. And yes, it's the last night, but as we don't want to see you cry (only if it's from happiness), we promise to bring you more soon. Save the dates.

Timetable: 20:30 -01:00.
Availability: Every Thursday from 2 June to 30 June 2022
Duration: 4h30min.

Ideal for: couples, families and friends
Venue: Aguere Espacio Cultural, 47 Herradores street, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 38204, Spain

Price: first 50 tickets at €25, next 50 tickets at €35 and the rest at €45 (+administration fees)

Maximum capacity: 132 tickets per session.

 It includes:

-Ticket to FamTàSTic gastronomic arts evenings

-Carbon footprint offsetting

                 Any doubts?

If you have any questions, please talk to us through our chat or read our frequently asked questions section.

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  • Suitable for all audiences
  • Pregnant women are allowed
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Babies allowed

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