Voluntary carbon footprint offset program

This program consists of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through local projects undertaken by non-profit social entities.

Once the emission reductions have been verified through their projects, we make it easier for other organizations and individuals to purchase these local emission reductions to offset the emissions that could not be reduced.


We calculate the average carbon footprint of our activities. We send a questionnaire post senda to each client to calculate the footprint of their displacement and the projects of their choice.

We select the project in which we are going to offset the footprint generated. (THESE ARE CURRENTLY INTERNATIONAL "zero CO₂" PROJECTS.

CommuniTree: Community Reforestation of disused land in Nicaragua (4th phase)
Small and micro-hydroelectric power plants in China (3rd phase)
Amazon Conservation in Madre de Dios in Peru (4th phase)


Offset footprint locally.

Projects SENDA to promote local footprint offsetting: "Invisible Footprint" presented at Intrateam in 2018 at FIT Canarias "Tenerife Carbon Neutral" in 2020 in collaboration with Turisfera. Identify local offsetting projects.

Seabed cleanup on the South Coast of Tenerife

Not all waste that ends up in the sea returns to land. Plastics, fishing gear, metal objects, glass, ceramic fragments, textiles and paper are the most abundant materials in these ocean dumps. It is not known how long it takes for plastics to decompose on the seabed because, due to low temperatures and lack of light, their degradation is slower than in surface waters.

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Tree planting with Reforesta

Planting native trees is essential to preserve forests in Spain, reduce our carbon footprint and thus fight climate change.

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Purchase of composting machines for urban gardens in schools

Composting in schools is a way to address the values of teamwork and respect for the environment, among others. It is also the ideal excuse to learn the natural cycle of organic matter in a practical way as well as to apply other educational curricular aspects.

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