SDG Tenerife

Agenda of Local Experiences linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, aimed at both residents and tourists.

📢 If you are a private or public entity and you want us to organise a route linked to the SDGs in your province, please contact us, write to us here.


One of the best circular routes in Santiago del Teide to see this tree and its peculiarities. During the tour we will be able to learn about its life cycle, as well as the species that live alongside it in this unique volcanic landscape, invaded by the Malpaís del Volcán Chinyero.


Unique experience to spread the importance of women in the history of our island. 📔To walk along the trail of the milkmaids is to experience a little piece of their history and to accompany the memory of these incredible women on their hard daily route to sell their milk.


Enter a landscape marked by water supply resources. Along this route, we will discover ancient constructions for the extraction and channelling of water, learning about its uses on the island and the importance of its conservation and responsible use.

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