We calculate the carbon footprint generated by your travel.

The calculation of the carbon footprint is the first step to know the sources of CO₂ emissions of an entity, a product or an event. Calculating the carbon footprint will make us aware of the impact we generate and will allow us to implement the most effective actions to reduce emissions that may or may not be the direct responsibility of the organisation.

CO₂ Calculator


1. Travelled kilometres 

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2. Number of passengers

3. Type of transport

4. Type of displacement

Kg of CO₂:

Hello, earthling. I am planet Earth and I warn you that soon you will have to leave me. Probably you know that there are already too many Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and that I will not be able to stand it much longer because my temperature is rising to a limit that your little body will not be able to withstand.

But SURPRISE. There is a way you can stay with me. So can the little animals that live with you. Let me tell you: it is important that you know the main sources of these emissions, because it will be the beginning of learning how to reduce them.

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